Auto Carpet in Gainesville FL

Gator Auto Upholstery specializing in Auto carpet replacement kits for your car, truck, or boat, we provide custom made using a mold of the original floor pan of your auto and vehicle in Gainesville FL. We offer Installing and replacing auto carpet is the best way to restore your car, truck, or boat flooring to use the auto selector above to customize your flooring selection and help you decide which Auto Carpet Replacement or repair is best for you in Gainesville FL.

Gator Auto Upholstery, we carry various types of car and truck carpet kits in different colors and materials to help you breathe new life into your ride. Call us today: (352) 378-7228. Auto Upholstery Car, Truck, Van, boat, replacement, or repair carpet kits are made custom fit to your vehicle and available in molded or sewn. Carpets are easy to install, include heel pads, cut and molded in Gainesville FL.

Gator Auto Upholstery has over 25 years of experience installing replacement and custom auto carpets in Gainesville FL. We work with all makes and models from classic cars to brand-new vehicles and have replaced auto carpets for hundreds of satisfied customers. We offer personalized service and use the highest quality materials to deliver superior results while keeping our costs competitive with other reputable auto upholstery shops in Gainesville FL.

Please call (352) 378-7228 or email us at today for more information or to schedule an appointment.